With a little bit of work, your garden can become a relaxing area of peace and tranquillity, a beautiful space for you and your family to enjoy. A nice looking, usable garden can add value to your home and also benefit your health and wellbeing. Landscape gardening gives you the opportunity to create a unique space in any outdoor area whatever the size or budget. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to get you on the right path to the perfect garden.

The start of a good garden
Before you even pick up a spade you will need to assess the site and the surrounding area to find out any limitations on your ideas. All gardens are limited to some extent by factors such as natural features of the site, local climate and personal preference.
Your garden will have an area and shape of its own, the rise and fall of the land and any natural features like water or trees all need to be taken into account. Size is crucial as it affects the choice of what can be put in. The smaller the area the more usage it will have, hard-wearing walking surfaces in confined spaces will mean you can enjoy the space all year round. Changes in level can be made into an interesting feature, gentle slopes can be grassed or even terraced to create your dream garden.
The climate of the region where you live will influence which plants can be successfully grown. Selecting plants that will flourish in your region can be a challenge at first, different plants have their own requirements for light, warmth, shade and humidity. A trip to the local garden centre should help put you on the right track to finding the most suitable plants for your area.
Only you know what you want from your garden, whether you want to recreate The Good Life and set aside large areas for growing food or just want to hide an ugly wall with some trellis and shrubs, the choice is entirely yours.

A few design ideas
The days of every house in the street having a neat rectangular lawn and a bed of the same old flowers are long gone. Thanks in part to Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock and the rest of the Ground Force team, the garden is now seen as more of an outdoor room to be enjoyed all year round. Depending on your budget and how much time you can put in, almost anything is achievable. If it’s a low maintenance garden that you’re after, then it can be a good idea to get rid of the lawn altogether. A blend of paving slabs, stone and gravel makes a great surface that doesn’t need any of the mowing and constant attention that grass does.
A focal point for your garden is a great way of drawing the eye in and creating a real sense of identity. Benches, pergolas and features like sundials or bird baths are ideal ways to create that identity and also serve a practical purpose of being a place to sit and relax or trail plants around. If you want to splash out on a water feature as the focal point, these gently burbling watery wonders can add a welcome patch of tranquillity.
A garden shed needn’t be just a place to keep your gardening tools, old bikes and the Christmas tree stand, the addition of a summerhouse or similar can add a touch of culture and design to your garden. The extra space they create is ideal for a home office, gym or just as a bit of privacy from the rest of the house.

Can you dig it?
If you have got the time and energy, landscaping your own garden can bring you a lot of pleasure and the satisfaction of having done the job yourself. However, if you want the job done quickly, or feel unable to tackle it alone, then a professional landscape gardener can offer you design ideas as well as the construction of your dream outdoor space. You can even compromise the two and get a landscaper in for the bigger bits and do the rest yourself.

Landscape gardening can help you transform an unloved outdoor space into something quite magical, so maybe it’s time to pick up your spade or pick up the phone and get started on your dream project.

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